• Piggy Bank

    Wise Investment Plans

    No need to break the piggy bank savings, investing wisely can secure your future and your families, discuss with Forty One Consulting about the different investment options we have available.

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  • Pensions

    Retirement Options

    Retirement planning has always been complicated and, despite efforts to simplify matters in 2006, it unfortunately remains so. At Forty One Consulting we pride ourselves on making our clients more at ease with the complicated system to provide you with the best advice we can.

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  • Protection


    Finding the right protection is difficult to do, at Forty One Consulting we can walk you through the different options and find the perfect protection plan to suit your needs.

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions

    With the introduction of more flexible ways to access your Pension from April 2015, we are constantly being asked more questions.

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About Forty One Consulting

Elaine Gwinnett is a Chartered Independent Financial Planner and our responsibility is towards you as a client, ensuring the most appropriate solutions for you personally. We are able to evaluate your needs and provide products and services from the entire UK financial services market, ensuring your interests are paramount.

We can help you by:

  • Taking time to gather in-depth research of your needs;
  • Undertaking detailed research relating to potential solutions;
  • Spending time to bring these two aspects together;
  • Creating a personal action plan for you;
  • Implementing those proposals and
  • Monitoring outcomes on an ongoing basis and re-adjusting as necessary.

How we work

Putting you at the heart of our business is a natural product of the advice process we follow. This is designed to identify your needs and then plan how they can be met from whatever quarter. We take a Holistic approach that builds on what we learn about you giving you confidence that your financial needs will be met.

The advice process

Every client is treated individually and we make a commitment to invest our time in finding out as much as we can about your aims, resources and attitudes before making any recommendations. We follow a structured process in order to ensure that you receive the best possible service from us.

Stage 1

We undertake an initial interview, at which we complete our comprehensive ‘fact find’. This meeting is at our expense and there is no obligation to move on to the next stage. Here, we will outline at the basis on which we can be remunerated when you do proceed.

Stage 2

We then undertake internal evaluation and research, in order to assess how your existing arrangements match your ambitions; assessing any gaps and revising these to bring you back ‘on track’.

Stage 3

Our findings will be presented to you in a report that shows you where you stand today, where you wish to get to and the route required to achieve this, agreeing priorities with you along the way.

Stage 4

Once these are accepted, we will then go on to the implementation stage, during which we will put in place the agreed arrangements. We will also ensure that all documentation provided, is fully explained to you.

Stage 5

On a regular basis, we will review of your arrangements ensuring they coincide with your evolving goals and recommending any alterations that may be required – for example by rebalancing your ‘asset allocations.

On an ongoing basis we will provide you with additional market information, as appropriate.

Key advisers:

Elaine Gwinnett (Director)

Elaine Gwinnett (Director) holds the coveted individual Chartered Financial Planner status as well as being a Fellow of the Personal Finance Society. She has also trained with the Institute of Financial Planners and is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™.

Elaine specialises in dealing with the financial aspects within the divorce process and has gained accreditation from Resolution (the specialist association within the Law Society) to act as a Financial Neutral within the Collaborative Divorce process. This allows her to act alongside both parties, giving impartial financial advice relating to investments, pension benefits and family protection post Divorce in order to achieve a workable solution.

Helping others through Life Changing events with empathy has meant that Elaine has developed good working relationships with lawyers, accountants and is held in high esteem with her clients.

Elaine is also qualified to offer advice in Long Term Care planning and Inheritance Tax Mitigation. Her passion for knowledge in our industry sets the bar high for her colleagues to follow but they benefit from her extensive knowledge and experience.

The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate taxation and Trust advice.

Hayley Webster (Company Secretary & Head of Administration)

Hayley McGee (Company Secretary & Head of Administration)

Hayley is responsible for the smooth running of the office and her talent of forward planning makes it easy for everyone to work effectively and efficiently to their schedules. No wonder, after 20 years in the Financial Services industry.

Hayley has embraced the office with her usual gusto and laughter!