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23rd January 2018

Buffett Wins His Bet

Buffett bet $1 million in 2007 that an index fund would out perform a basket of hedge funds over a decade.  The proceeds would go to charity, and Buffett designated his local Girls Inc. affiliate as the recipient if he won.  When the closing bell rang at the New York Stock Exchange Friday, the famed investor locked in his victory. Buffet,... Read full article

2nd November 2017

Interest rates hiked for first time in a decade

The Bank of England has today (2nd November) raised interest rates for the first time since the financial crisis. The base rate has been increased from 0.25 per cent to 0.5 per cent.  Interest rates had been cut to 0.25 per cent in the immediate aftermath of the EU referendum vote last year. Interest rates were cut to 0.5 per cent in... Read full article

13th July 2017

Royal London Press Release

NEW RESEARCH FIND THOSE WHO RECEIVE FINANCIAL ADVICE ARE ON AVERAGE £40,000 BETTER OFF THAN THEIR UNADVISED PEERS A new report 'The Value of Financial Advice' by the International Longevity Centre - UK (ILC-UK) and supported by Royal London finds that those who received financial advice in the 2001-2007 period had accumulated significantly more liquid financial assets than their unadvised equivalent... Read full article

12th April 2017


It makes sense to use your annual tax-free allowances.  With the ISA allowance increased to £20,000 from this April, investors can build up a sizeable fund over the years that's protected from Income and Capital Gains Tax.  If you invest for your retirement, then pension contributions attract valuable tax relief too, within HMRC limits.... Read full article

17th January 2017

UK Inflation spikes to 29 month high

UK CPI inflation reached its highest level in two-and-a-half years in December, after a surprise rise in core prices pushed the headline level to 1.6 per cent.  The December figure is a significant jump on NOvember's 1.2 per cent and above expectations of a rise to 1.4 per cent. The office for National Statistics said one of the biggest contributors to... Read full article

10th November 2016

US Election: what happens next?

After months of increasingly controversial and bitter campaigning, the 2016 US Presidential Election reached a dramatic climax, culminating in a surprise victory for Republican Party candidate Donald Trump. The Republican Party retained control of the US Senate and the House of Representatives. Trump’s unexpected victory threw markets off balance. The price of oil fell and equity indices dropped in response to... Read full article

15th August 2016

Positive Outlook Post Brexit

It's been 7 weeks since the decision to leave the European Union and as we cannot predict the future, here are the positives so far for us to focus and reflect upon: The Stock Market is up 17% Interest Rates have been reduced to stimulate the market We have appointed a new Prime Minister and with this came a Government overhaul Whitehall confirm a... Read full article

24th June 2016

Leaving the European Union

Corporal Jones: "Don't panic! Don't panic!" The calming intentions of Walmington-on-Sea's butcher were also much in evidence as many financial pages suggested investors aim to batten down the hatches, keep their heads and ride out what seems likely to be an extended period of market volatility. Examples include The Express urging us to Keep calm and carry on until Britain settles... Read full article

13th April 2016

Lifetime Allowance

From 6th April 2016, the Lifetime Allowance for pensions will reduce from £1.25m to £1m.  This may still sound like a very generous allowance but it can be surprisingly easy to breach. So what exactly is the Lifetime Allowance (LTA)?  In essence, it caps the amount you can withdraw from pension funds without triggering an extra tax charge.  Any pension funds... Read full article

17th March 2016

Budget - March 2016

Key announcements included: The unveiling of a lifetime ISA to help young people save flexibly either for a first home or for their later years.  The total amount you can save each year into all ISA's will increase to £20,000 from April 2017. The point at which you pay the higher rate of income tax will increase to £45,000 in April 2017. Corporation... Read full article

25th January 2016

Keep Calm and Ride Out Market Volatility

But there is nothing new in its assessment to cause such a 'hysterical' call to action.  Yes it has been quite a turbulent start to the year on global markets, but calls to 'sell everything' are absurd and should be viewed with caution by investors. The risk of market corrections of 10%, or even more severe falls of 20%, represent the... Read full article

17th August 2015

Topping up State Pension

Class 3A is a new voluntary type of National Insurance Contribution (NIC) that is being introduced from 12 October 2015.  Broadly, between then and 5 April 2017 certain people will be able to make a contribution to top up their State Pension by up to £25 per week. Men born before 6 April 1951 and women born before 6 April 1953... Read full article

30th July 2015

Summer Budget 2015 - Personal Allowances Overview

The Chancellor announced that the increase to £11,000 will in fact be brought forward to 6th April 2016 and the increase will be £11,200 from April 2017, with higher rate tax applying to taxable incomes over £43,000 and £43,600 respectively.... Read full article

24th March 2015

Budget Announcements March 2015

This years budget was not so dramatic as last years and some aspects of interest are: From April 2016, the amount that you can save into your Pension - the Lifetime Allowance - will be reduced from £1.25 million to £1 million.  However from April 2018, this figure will increase in line with inflation. The Personal Allowance will increase from £10,000 to... Read full article

3rd December 2014

Autumn Statement - 3rd December 2014

We expected more details regarding the facility to take unlimited amounts from a Pension Plan, announced in March 2014, would be given in the Budget speech – but nothing was forthcoming.  We understand that this matter is still under consultation and it is likely that we will receive final details late January / early February. However, there were changes announced to... Read full article