• Piggy Bank

    Wise Investment Plans

    No need to break the piggy bank savings, investing wisely can secure your future and your families, discuss with Forty One Consulting about the different investment options we have available.

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  • Pensions

    Retirement Options

    Retirement planning has always been complicated and, despite efforts to simplify matters in 2006, it unfortunately remains so. At Forty One Consulting we pride ourselves on making our clients more at ease with the complicated system to provide you with the best advice we can.

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  • Protection


    Finding the right protection is difficult to do, at Forty One Consulting we can walk you through the different options and find the perfect protection plan to suit your needs.

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions

    With the introduction of more flexible ways to access your Pension from April 2015, we are constantly being asked more questions.

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Clients Testimonials

Testimonial From JG York

"I had saved and invested monies in stocks and shares, property, ISA's and company pension schemes.  I needed advice on how to bring them all together to give my wife and me a monthly return to supplement our state pensions.  I chose Forty One Consulting after looking at sites detailing Independent FInacial Advisors. Elaine Gwinnett's intial visit to our home gave us a general overview of the company and its services.  We decided to use FOrty One Consulting.  We felt confirdent their guidance would help us to achieve the returns that we wanted.  We completed a questionnaire, had further meetings, which helped them to produce our Financial Planning Report.  It explained in detail options available to us.  Whilst I was still working they worked tirelessly with the pension providers and investment companies to ensure when I retired my income would be in place.  I know a team who are professional are managing my finances.  They have been there to answer my questions and keep me up to date with changes in legislation.  I certainly have no doubt in my mind they have played a roll in helping to ensure I had a smooth transition into retirement.  For personal financial planning I have no qualms recommending Forty One Consulting. JG, York.

JG York

Testimonial From Peter Atkinson

We have worked with Forty One Consulting over several years and referred many clints to them when they have a need for Independent Financial Advice. We have always received positive feedback from clients who have confirmed our view that they are most professional, approachable, personable and technically skilled.

Peter Atkinson

Testimonial From I.C. Harrogate

Elaine is very knowledgeable and takes time to understand your personal needs and preferences as a client.  This enables her to provide tailored advice and recommendations for appropriate Financial Planning.

I.C. Harrogate

Testimonial From Director at Yorkshire Based Niche Family Law Practice

I have worked with Elaine on a number on matters, some straight forward, and others a lot more complex. I frequently find myself recommending her to others. She is simply excellent at what she does.

Director at Yorkshire Based Niche Family Law Practice

Testimonial From Mr. & Mrs. W., York

We were introduced to Elaine in 2009 when our then financial advisor sold on his business, this sale backfired and we were left somewhat in limbo.   Elaine guided us through this uncertain journey, during which the company handling our pension investments was changed to a smaller, local hands on company who are more able to react quickly to the horrendous ups and downs of recent times, it is a pity we were not in her hands ten years ago.  We have found her to be forthright and honest, with advice and detailed explanations.  Elaine and her team always deal with any queries quickly and efficiently so we have complete confidence in the company.  

Mr. & Mrs. W., York

Testimonial From Mr. & Mrs. SB., Holmfirth

My wife and I met Elaine Gwinnet in 2007 after searching for someone to help us with our retirement plans. We were initially attracted by her qualifications and standing in the financial community, and as we grew to know her we have found her to be not only highly accomplished in her field but also extremely caring and sensitive in the way she deals with her clients. She contacts us on a regular basis to review our pension arrangements and to make sure we are on track to achieve our goal of early retirement. We have already recommended her to several of our friends and colleagues and would have no hesitation in continuing to do so.

Mr. & Mrs. SB., Holmfirth

Testimonial From Mr. & Mrs. H., Leeds

Forty One Consulting have continually provided a professional, efficient, friendly service with the patience to explain the detail at length to give added support and understanding where required.  

Mr. & Mrs. H., Leeds

Testimonial From Mr & Mrs H, Driffield

Congratulations on your new venture and good luck.  We always like to see and support initiative and independence and so admire your spirit.

Mr & Mrs H, Driffield

Testimonial From Ms H, Kingston upon Hull

...I followed her advice... She has remained my Financial Adviser ever since and I would not dream of anyone else doing this... My divorce was quite stressful, as these things are. My husband had a pension with his company that he had been with for over 29 years. After 28 years of marriage, my solicitor recommended that I would be entitled to a proportion of this. He introduced me to Elaine saying that she was a professional in this area and could help to arrange this on my behalf. I had no idea of what was entailed. By talking to me, I told her that my husband was to be offered an early retirement package and would be able to have his pension paid from the moment he retired. After further talks, she recommended that I wait until this happens as I would receive more of this pension. I followed her advice, including having a professional report undertaken to ensure that I get the correct amount. This advice meant that I actually received pension money of approximately £50,000 more than I would have if she had not become involved! This didn’t even disadvantage my husband. She has remained my Financial Adviser ever since and I would not dream of anyone else doing this.

Ms H, Kingston upon Hull

Testimonial From Mr GEA, York

...I found that Elaine talk things through in an understandable way – without sounding condescending or too technical... I initially met Elaine by being referred by my accountant.  Working in the Building industry means that I don’t have much time to look at investing my monies or saving towards retirement. I found that Elaine talk things through in an understandable way – without sounding condescending or too technical.  She ensures that there are regular reviews and I know that if I do have an enquiry she will handle this efficiently and effectively.

Mr GEA, York