Female can expect to live a greater number of years in poor health than males, according to data from the Office for National St

Healthy life expectancy – the average number of years lived in ‘very good’ or ‘good’ general health based on how individuals perceive their general health – has dropped for women but risen for men, according to its report.  Based on the 2015-2017 figures, men could expect an average healthy life expectancy of 63.1 years at birth – an increase of 5 months since the 2009-2011 period, while women could expect 63.6 years – a fall of 3 months.

Healthy life expectancy from birth to women varies by 21.5 years across different parts of the UK and for men the difference is 15.8 years.  At birth, males in the UK can expect to live 16.5 years with a disability and females 20.9 years.  The ONS data also found that overall, life expectancy continues to rise but only marginally, supporting the trend over the past seven years that improvements have slowed.

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