Global Market Volatility (again!)

The world stock markets are once again very volatile with the FTSE 100 closing today at just above 5,000, the lowest it has been since July 2010.  There are a number of reasons for the current state of affairs, including economic data coming from the US, political infighting in the US around how to manage their national debt and concerns in Europe surrounding the likes of Spain and Italy and the potential for those countries not being able to afford to make the normal repayment on the government loans.

 This seems to be an extension of the issues which began in 2007-08 (with the bail-out of Northern Rock initially, followed by months of turmoil resulting in the collapse of Lehman Brothers), rather than the beginning of a new crisis.

 As we stated then, we believe that investors should sit tight and not panic.  Investing is for the long term, short term volatility such as that being experienced at the present time should not be a reason for deciding to withdraw money from investments.  Hopefully we will see some improvement in the coming months.

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