Leaving the European Union

Corporal Jones: “Don’t panic! Don’t panic!”

The calming intentions of Walmington-on-Sea’s butcher were also much in evidence as many financial pages suggested investors aim to batten down the hatches, keep their heads and ride out what seems likely to be an extended period of market volatility. Examples include The Express urging us to Keep calm and carry on until Britain settles down and, similarly, The Sunday Times seeking to soothe its readers with Spooked by the vote? Keep calm and read on.

Also in evidence were a few nods towards Private Frazer and his oft-stated view that “We’re doomed” – a good example being the Mail on Sunday‘s Brexit vote will plunge UK into a new recession, warn City economists as they slash growth figures for next two years

Sergeant Wilson: “Do you think that’s wise, sir?”

Most of personal finance sections lead with the sort of pragmatic view you might expect from Captain Mainwaring’s right-hand man. So the Mail on Sunday offers What Brexit means for your finances: Savings that can be made – and steps you can take to protect the family financesThe Telegraph has EU referendum: what you need to know about savings and mortgages; the Financial Times focuses on Brexit – how will pensions be affected?; and, revealing a slightly curious order of priorities, The Guardian asks What does Brexit mean for you? Holidays, homes and jobs

Private Walker: “Where there’s crowds, there’s business.”

At the other end of the spectrum, there were a good number of articles channelling the view of the Home Guard’s proto-hedge fund manager that no situation was ever so dire you could not try and profit from it. Thus we find the Financial Times noting Investors seek bargains as EU vote shakes markets and The Telegraph‘s quirky take on the subject Did you behave like other investors during Friday’s referendum shock?

The opportunities on offer from gold were not overlooked either with The Sunday Times flagging it up as A safe bet for golden slumbers and, again, The Telegraph observing ‘Buy gold’ searches soar 500pc after Britain votes to leave EU:

Don’t fret!  Markets do not like uncertainty and investment managers have been aware of the potential problems and have made contingency plans.

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