New Points-Based Immigration System

The government has clarified the “points-based” system it intends to utilise to help reduce overall immigration to the UK.

In total, prospective immigrants would have to score 70 points to be able to work in the UK, with 50 points awarded for the mandatory requirements of a “skilled” job offer and the ability to speak English.

Further points are awarded for salary levels, with £23,040-£25,599 worth 10 points and £25,600 upwards worth 20, while having a relevant or STEM PhD also provide opportunities for points.

The plans make no allocation for low-skilled workers as the government urged employers to “move away” from a reliance on “cheap labour”. It insists that this system will allow EU and non-EU citizens to be treated equally when the freedom of movement with the EU ends on 31 December.

Priti Patel, home secretary, said the system would mean “the brightest and the best will be able to come to the United Kingdom”.

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