Positive Outlook Post Brexit

It’s been 7 weeks since the decision to leave the European Union and as we cannot predict the future, here are the positives so far for us to focus and reflect upon:

The Stock Market is up 17%

Interest Rates have been reduced to stimulate the market

We have appointed a new Prime Minister and with this came a Government overhaul

Whitehall confirm a list of ten economic powerhouses, including China, Japan, Australia and Canada who have committed informally to forming strong trade deals with the UK:

“We have a very skilled workforce, we have industrial peace, we speak English, we’re in the right time zone, we have the right commercial law and we have all the skills and guarantees to be the most trustworthy trade partners in the world”

“Trust is at the centre of our success.  People understand that if we make a law, we will apply it without fear of favour”

“It’s one of the reasons why the City of London is pre-eminent in finance.  Money goes to where money can be made and money can be moved.  Our contract law guarantees this.”

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