Statement of Professional Standing Obtained by Elaine

With the implementation of the Retail Distribution Review (RDR) now only 9 months away, we are pleased to announce that Elaine has obtained their Statement of Professional Standing (SPS) from the Chartered Insurance Institute. This, along with the new minimum level of qualifications (QCF Level 4), will be mandatory for all practising advisers from 1st January 2013. By obtaining our SPS, we have ensured that we are ready for the RDR now. Reaching this stage has been important to us and ensures that we can continue to provide our normal service without any distractions that could have arisen later in the year had we not been in a position to obtain the SPS. We believe that the changes being brought about by the RDR are important for all, consumers and advisers alike, and being ready for the changes in plenty of time re-affirms our commitment to providing a professional and ethical level of advice to all of our clients.

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