The power of positive Markets

No doubt you’re fed up of these ongoing strange times and want life to get back to ‘normal’.  But, with all the negativity of the worst economic scenario since the Great Depression, why isn’t this truly reflected in the Stock Markets?

Several reasons for this –

  1. Looking to the Future  – We will pull through these times, we just don’t know when that’ll be.
  1. Cheap money is hard to resist – Bounce back business loans are available at only 2.5% interest fixed for 6 years and the government pay the first year’s interest – good old Boris!
  1. Fear of missing out on making money – it’s human nature to fear losses, but also we want to be in a position to make when things do get better.

So, hold tight on this roller coaster of uncertainty – as the phrase of “‘getting back to normality” is beginning to sound like Del Boy’s prediction of “next year, we’ll be millionaires” or even “when I win the lottery”!!

Even enjoy some sunshine and take advantage of Rishi’s ‘eat out offer’ while it lasts.

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